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Hey Y'all

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I think when it comes to writing this blog, I feel like this:
"We each have an unsocial, taciturn disposition, unwilling to speak unless
we expect to say something that will amaze the whole room."
If I don't have anything amazing to share that I found while thrifting, or some interesting feature, then I just don't bother blogging. And weeks go by.
Not good.
So I'll try to do better.

What's been new in the Recycleista's world? Same old. Waiting for spring, but I think it's coming. I've seen a robin and daffodils are blooming. Of course last night it was freezing and there was frost on my car in the morning. But around here, that just means it's NOT raining. Yay. Can't complain when I see all the snow in the rest of the country.

On the eBay front, I told Hubby yesterday that I need to list more flatware. (See? Told you same old, same old.) I was working on some and in my (recently acquired) stash, I found these: 

Teaspoons by Oneida in the Bancroft pattern. Nothing special. Or so I thought. I have had a few other pieces listed that didn't sell and I had given up on until I found more. So I didn't think the pattern was all that great. BUT...teaspoons are always one of the most popular pieces of flatware. So in this particular pattern, they are hot. To illustrate: On a popular replacements website, the soup spoon in this pattern is 5.99 but the teaspoon is 21.99!! 
Based on eBay completeds, I listed my teaspoons at 49.99. Sweet!
There's $$$ in them thar bins!!
So I really need to work on flatware. And try not to be overwhelmed with all the other listing I need to do too. :) 

I've had a request to do a bit more in depth review of finding and flipping flatware, and I promise that is coming. I will probably put it as a post and then also in a tab up above so it'll be easily accessible. I'm working on it. It won't be super, super long because there are already ebooks and such about selling flatware but I'll just share my basic experiences.

Oh and I'm thinking I'm overdue for a giveaway. I'd like to build up some followers on the blog, my FB page, and Instagram so we'll have some incentives to share. So look for that soon.

Okay. I'm going to stop now because if every post is a novel, then I really will hold back from posting.

Have a great day!! 

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