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Adventures in....Instagram and other Social Media


Okay, so speaking of online selling goals for the year and directions we're headed, I have to acknowledge that this isn't Grandma's rodeo anymore. Mixed metaphors aside, I'm speaking of Social Media.

Yes, I tweet.
I have a Facebook fan page (2 actually...but I'm not sure that works so well).
I blog.
I also Pin.

I feel, though, that I don't do all of the above well. Or that I don't do it to its max effectiveness. I read reports and analyses and realize that Social Media is an integral part of online selling these days. I read experts who say to automate your tweets or pins or whatever and post everything you have for sale. Then other experts say to keep them personal. To mix your sale offerings in amongst a bunch of other helpful links and ideas.

So it gets a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Then I hear of other Social Media sites that seem interesting. You hear of people who have 10,000 followers and easily sell their items directly to their followers.
What to do, what to do.

Honestly, I started this post just to share that I recently took the Instagram plunge and opened an account. I know its the favored site for 20-somethings and I've read a bit about it. Plus I've always liked the cool filters you can add to your pictures. :) My inner photographer likes to play.

Of course, as soon as I start writing about social media...you get to hear all my random wanderings. :)
But I think I'm going to like Instagram. I think visual sites are very effective.(Pinterest). It was pretty easy to get started. I'm working on building followers right now.
I am recycleista on Instagram if anyone wants to follow!

Here is my Social Media To Do List:

Twitter:  Not much. I've been on Twitter the longest and have a fairly large following. I tweet when I want extra views on an item. I do want to do better at adding #hashtags when I tweet. I also use Twitter mostly to get help from the #thriftbreak gang. They are great at mid century vintage!! I post an picture of an item, add the #thriftbreak tag and usually get help within minutes!

Facebook page: I'm working on building my following. I've been trying to build engagement there too. Asking more questions, etc. The more involvement you have, the more exposure your posts get. I'd like to really build the Recycleista as a vintage central site. We'll see about this. I like how FB posts allow you to write more than Twitter and Instagram. We'll see.

Pinterest: My Pinterest boards need a lot of work. I'd like to narrow them down a bit more. I need to add to the descriptions of the boards. Also, remember to add #hashtags here too...it helps with search. I think Pinterest has a lot of potential to help sales. I use it mostly for vintage/etsy type stuff..but I do pin some Ebay items here and there.

Blog:  Blog more regularly. More vintage themed features. Figure out how to put buttons to all my social media links on the blog.

Instagram  Like I said, build followers. Post a few pics daily. I think my initial approach will be to just post pictures. I'll try to remember to snap a few pics with my phone while I'm doing product photos. And take pictures of things as I find them out in 'the wild'. I have a link to my blog which has links to all my shops. If someone is interested in something, they can contact me. I know several sellers do well selling directly on Instagram...so with time I may explore being more direct.

Tumblr  I know nothing about this. I'd like to check it out. Or maybe that's too much. :)

I have not even mentioned Facebook groups, Etsy Teams, Etsy Treasuries...or any other things that fall under the 'Promotion' label.
Another thought...how to promote that you're on these various sites? I know I need to add these into my Etsy shop profiles. But do I add them into each listing? Is that too much? Hmm.

What are your thoughts on Social Media? Is it better to do a little of everything since each site has its own dynamics and target audience? Or is it more effective to just choose a couple and really work them?
What are your favorite sites?
Or do you not do any Social Media at all? I know a really effective way to sell items is to list them! Which is what I'd better go do!
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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