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2014 Goals and To Do

Totally random picture because I like to start blog posts with a pic.

Well, I'm right on schedule.
It's February and I'm getting around to my goals of the year post.
I don't have a super long post. It's just mostly about our ongoing endeavors to refine our online selling strategies. Same old stories. :)
But from what I've heard from a lot of other resellers...we're not alone!
What's my brand?
Should I have a niche?
Do I like this niche? 
Where do I want to focus my efforts?
But I have all this stuff!

So Hubby and I have seriously been trying to curb the thrifting. We want to attack our backlog so that when good weather comes and the yard sales begin we can hit those fairly hard.
We're going to try to continue to be fairly selective in what we bring home.
So I guess you could say we've narrowed down our niches a bit and are starting to develop more of a brand.

Like I've told you recently, Hubby opened his own Etsy shop, Metal and Tweed. He really likes it. He said to me the other day..."I just want to look for and sell cool vintage stuff!!". Now he finally understands where I've been at all this time. He started off with online selling on Ebay. Selling his own finds and helping me with my backlog. All the bread and butter type stuff. And we make money.
But once he started in with the vintage...he's having fun!

So then we got talking about where the other shops were at. He kept stealing listing my favorite inventory in his shop...and so I mentioned that I'd really like to move The Recycleista's Retro Shop in more of a vintage kitchen direction. I love finding vintage kitchen utensils, gadgets and of course...flatware! It will still have general vintage, but the focus will be kitchen.
Here's one of my favorite new listings:

Aluminum Measuring Spoon Set 

So then we kept hashing it out and decided to open ANOTHER Etsy shop for salvage and supplies. (Yes, call us crazy!) But I think it'll work. So....announcing the grand opening of....

Tahoma Salvage and Supply!! 
((It's kind of lonely over there, so we would love it if you all would visit and it and 'favorite' our shop. I haven't promoted much since we just opened, so a little activity would help spur us on! Thanks!)

So that's three of our shops. Then, of course, we have Vintage Paperology as well. That shop has HUGE potential but we've been neglecting it a bit too much lately. Hubby has volunteered to help on that one too. He just set me up a place to take pictures of the ephemera...so that will help me get over my biggest listing stumbling block.

So then Ebay is left for everything else. And believe me, there's still plenty. Flatware, coffee mugs, sewing patterns, etc...but NO clothing. That's something we've agreed on. We just flat out don't like it. Sure, if I came across another pair of Big E Levi's, I'm not gonna turn 'em down. But we just don't want to fill the store with bread and butter clothing items. It's just not us. 

So that's the story. Please feel free to share what you've got planned for the new year! What do you enjoy selling? Or what do you find often? Do you have a cohesive brand? Any marketing plans? Thanks for sharing!

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