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The Spoils of Thrift: I [heart] Thrifting

Finel Hearts Enamel Bowl. 
I love thrifting.
Even when I have no business doing it. Maybe especially then.
Recently I've been organizing my hoard  inventory and came to the conclusion that I have no business getting any more inventory for a very. long. time.
Some of you may have seen my Facebook/Twitter update to that effect.

Hubby agrees. But he also knows how much I like going. And he knows there are still things out there to be found. It's about being selective.

So last night I went out by myself while Hubby had quality time with the Little Men. At the first Goodwill, I found some dishes by Arabia of Finland. And then more dishes..and then more. And I fought with myself. I wrestled. I texted Hubby. I checked completed listing prices on Ebay on my phone. They were okay.
But. But. But...it's ARABIA!! I went up to the front of the store to get a bigger cart.

On my way up there I saw the Valentines Day display. And that HUGE bowl jumped out at me. A Finel hearts bowl!! No.stinkin.way!!
I grabbed that bowl faster than you can say 'what inventory backlog?' and headed back to the dishes.

And came to my senses. The so-so selling Arabia dishes went back on the shelf. Yes they would sell. Yes I would make a profit. But they're breakable. They take up space. They require bubblewrap. I already have umpteen boxes of items that will give me the same profit. So I was good with my decision.

But you bet your sweet bippy that non breakable enamel bowl made it home!

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