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Metal and Tweed ~ A New Member of the Recycleista's Family


Hello everyone! 2014 already! Crazy how time is flying! The last month or two has been pretty busy as you can tell from my lack of blog posts. I think it happens to a lot of people this time of year. Kids off from school, family obligations, more online selling which means we need to focus on listing...

And then the new year hits and you're all full of resolutions and goals and such...

Well I'm making no promises. lol.

But I DID promise in the past to share our new Etsy Shop. Actually, this one is DH's.

Here's the link:

Metal and Tweed

We're not actively marketing it as a "GUY" shop...but it definitely leans that way. I don't want to narrow our marketing down that much. I think that guy stuff on Etsy is an undertapped market. If that's even a word...undertapped. Hm. Sounds good to me!

Filson Mackinaw Cap

I've listed a few things on there for him, but most are his listings. We only have about 34 items on there and he's had 15 sales. So I think we're on to something. I think guys will shop for what they like anywhere on Etsy, or women will shop for them (definitely saw that with some of our necktie sales) but if a guy has to look through a bunch of pearl buttons and teacups to find a wool hunting cap, he may not come back. So we'll build this shop up as the more masculine side of the Recycleista family.

Moe Lighting Airplane Desk Lamp

So, please if you could..show the new shop some love!
If you're on Etsy, please favorite the shop! Favorite a few items (only if you really like them!) and a tweet or pin or two would not go unappreciated!

1980s Gargoyles Sunglasses
Thanks so much!

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