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The Spoils of Thrift - Thrifting Binge


I think we actually hit our thrifting limit this weekend. Much discussion today from DH about how we need to go on a Thrifting Fast now.
Not that DH wasn't right with me on the Thrifting Binge. We were both caught up in the fun.
Check this. Friday and Saturday. 50% off our entire Goodwill stores.
On Friday we went with friends and had NO CHILDREN with us.
So it wasn't so much the number of thrift stores we went to...but how thorough we were able to be on our own.
And the amount wasn't crazy...I'm just used to spreading my thrifting out to more of a 3-5 times a week finding a little bit each time - type of shopping. This was more concentrated.
So this is part of the spoils. We also got some things for ourselves, toys for the boys, etc..
We also got some vintage clothing that I didn't have time or a way to photograph yet: Pendleton men's western blazer, Pendleton women's duffle coat, LL Bean barn jacket, Eddie Bauer down vest, a vintage leather vest from France.
Also...Hubby has some plans to upcycle some things, so I didn't get pictures of all the bits and pieces that he'll be re-using and re-purposing.
Let's begin the tour:

This sweet little pincushion girl is missing her thimble.
I think I'll add a vintage one of my own to her little tray. It's by Schmid.

Pyrex!! Cute little cups with plastic holders. Need I say more?
Oh..and I love that yellow handled mixer!

Collection of Denby mugs and a sugar and open sugar bowl. Love me my Denby!

Okay, this is a new fascination with me! Vintage lamps! Remember this post, back in September where I found the Bitossi lamp and the Laurel lamp? Well, I made about $500 on those 2 lamps and so now I'm hooked!!
I'll share better pictures of these lamps when I actually list them, but the one in front is on a marble base, has a glass ball and then teak or walnut 'tulip' style leaves. It needs a bit of work..and I may have Hubby rewire it so I can ask a bit more. The lamp in the back is in really great condition. It's teak (or walnut) and has a leather wrap. I've seen similar ones marked "Made in Denmark", but mine has felt on the bottom and I haven't removed it to check.

This set of books is by Carl Sandburg and is about Abraham Lincoln. They are the greatest color!

Some vintage games, a brass rocking chair and an old darkroom timer. The timer looks cool enough as it is..but DH might claim it to repurpose into something awesome!

This is more an Ebay pile..some SAS shoes, Dansko Vegan shoes, wallpaper border, and a couple Wear-Ever Super Shooters.

Even though these sale days are pretty much the only time shoes and neckties and purses go on sale, I only picked up about 4 neckties, one clutch purse and a few pairs of shoes (some for ourselves too) There's a radio thingy in the background for one of DH's schemes and a set of NIB walkie-talkies. We already have some vintage holsters for them, so they'll make a nice lot.

Holly Hobbie fabric. Bought a couple other pieces and a bag of vintage hankies for my MIL to create with.

Now this right here is money. :) We use these in our own Diaper Genie and they're usually about $6 each. Picked up a bag of 5 of them for $2. WOOT! I may have been the most excited about this find. lol!

I just realized I missed a bag...vintage clutch, little copper tart pans, Neil the Frog creamer from Sears and a big ol vintage spatula. And these beauties:

At first, I picked them up for the colors...then I realized they looked really familiar! They match Taylor Smith Taylor's popular Boutonniere china pattern! These are juice glasses.

Okay, that's it. I did remember I picked up some vintage hangers, a big old vintage snowsuit and...I'm sure there was something else. Feel free to ask any questions!!

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