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Drowning in Flatware...and Non-Ducks

1000 pieces of stainless flatware

This week at The Recycleista's Resale Shop, the Purchasing Department (me) made the decision to invest in a large lot of flatware to flip. The price was good and the ROI will be even better. But the Listing Department (also me) said "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"
Oh well.
Yes it's true, running an online resale business needs to be run like a business. But sometimes emotion plays a a role too. After all, this is not a conventional 'office' business job. I can work in my sweats. I can have Downton Abbey playing in the background (okay, more likely Blues Clues) while I'm working. Shopping is a big part of my job. (although it really shouldn't be for awhile...like the rest of the year).
So with this decision I weighed the pros and cons. I had the money to invest and the opportunity was great. Did I NEED the inventory? No.
But throw the name Georg Jensen at me and I crumble.

Look! A Georg Jensen Stainless sauce ladle in the Plata pattern. Made in Denmark. I already have it listed here.
There's good stuff in that lot! Plenty of bread and butter items for both Ebay and Etsy.
Anywho, speaking of flatware, I recently sold a set of flatware on Etsy. It was the Vinland pattern by Oneida.

Look at the lovely note I received from the buyer:

"Thanks for the email re: shipping. This set will end up residing at a Kansas farm, nestled in a drawer with my mother's set of vinland, purchased long ago." 

I don't know about you, but I love finding out where my vintage items end up. Why the buyer liked it, what they plan on doing with it, who they're giving it to...all of that! It makes me feel like I did a job well done...salvaged a treasure from a landfill fate and reunited it with just the right person.

One more thing I wanted to show you .

These solid brass quail or partridge or pheasant figurines. Sorry, I don't know my fowl. All I know is they are NOT ducks. We have ducks. And my 17mo LM loves ducks. "Uck!!" But he thinks they're ducks. He saw them in the windowsill and insisted on holding them.
He cradled them one at a time lovingly against his cheek and said "Uck!!"
So cute. I just had to share.
These will be shortly added to the The Retro Shop. unless somebody would like to give these Non-Ducks a new home before that. See the tab above "Vintage For Sale" for a pre-Etsy listing.

I'll let you know how it goes as I keep wading through that flatware!

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