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So I Went to This Party the Other Day....


See me there, in my pink wiggle dress?
J U S T  K I D D I N G....
This picture is on the front of the Better Homes and Gardens Guide to Entertaining. From 1969.

Guide to Entertaining 

I love the glimpses we get into the mid century past from cookbooks and designing books from back then. I realize for some of you readers this isn't just a glimpse, it's a memory! Tell me, were parties really this swingin? So cool that guys dressed up.


All sorts of great tips in here. How to lay out your table.

How to set your table. Lots of nifty ideas.


Some familiar things...That looks like Pyrex...but I'm not placing the pattern. Is that Daisy?

Oh and the mid century nonchalance of Dansk Fjord flatware. Sigh.

Bookshelf games as a party game option. (Resellers tip: The Recycleista has thrifted and sold her fair share of these games. Including the one that's open in the picture. I may even have a few in my stash still. But the one called ACQUIRE sells for the most.)

Here's another fab room. Check out those chairs!
What do you think? Are you ready for a par-tay??
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