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Poor, Neglected Etsy


If you've read my blog for any bit of time, you'll know that selling on Ebay is my bread and butter, but my love is vintage. And selling that vintage on Etsy.
So what happened last week? Ebay had a listing special. 500 free listings for a week. So what did I do? In all my free listing time...I focused on Ebay. Relisted, ran auctions, ran 3 day auctions, listed new items...all in an attempt to get some value out of that listing deal.
And it helped. I saved about $30 and we got items listed and had some sales.
But what it meant was I totally ignored Etsy. Which translates into....crickets...
Gotta change that. I remember last year, my fall was so good on Etsy..I started entertaining hopes that I could replace Ebay with Etsy. I don't think that will ever happen but if I could get them both flowing at the same time...then we'd be in business!!
So this week, I plan on hitting Etsy hard. I have the inventory..don't get me wrong. TONS of vintage lovelies waiting to find new homes.
Here's a few that I have pictures of that I need to get in there.

The sunglasses in the top picture. Made in Italy. So Jackie O. I picked those up recently at an estate sale. They were in the basement of all places.
Same estate sale had this clock:

Retro cute, right?
Well when it was hanging on the wall, it looked like this:

What?? What in the world? This is not something I've seen before! It's like a toilet lid cover for your clock!!
Now, it matches the hand on the clock so maybe it came with? Or maybe the owner made it? (she did have a lot of sewing machines). The clock was in the bedroom. Do you think it was to muffle the ticking?
Seriously. I'd really like to know.
What else?
Oh I've got some vintage (40s/50s) ties I think I'll put in my Etsy shop. Some have a stain or issue. I'm debating selling as-is and dropping the price. Maybe the new owners/collectors have more experience cleaning decades old silk than I do. What do you think?

Spiderwebs and orange leaves. Perfect for fall. Better list that soon.

Geometric crazy cool!!!
There's more, but I still need to take some pics.
Etsy, don't worry! I'm coming!!

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