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The Recycleista Collects: Vintage Mod Cats


(Note: Wow!! I can't believe summer is coming to a close! School starts back up in a couple weeks for us here. Back to a schedule. Sigh. Well, hopefully that means my online work will get a bit more scheduled too. I've missed being here! Hope you all had wonderful summers!)

I sell most of what I find. Even when something is super, amazing cool...I enjoy owning it for awhile and then I let it go to a new home.
But there are few things that stay with me.
Mod Cats.
Now, I'm not a crazy cat lady. I have 2 cats. I love them...sometimes I wish I could go back in time and NOT adopt them. But that's usually temporary and after a trip to the vet for one (anal glands need expressing...gross!) or after the other pees on my down comforter. I know for some, keeping cats that do this...does make me a crazy cat lady. lol.
I don't even tell people I collect cats. Because you know what will happen then....aackk!! cutesy cat overload!
I'm very specific in my vintage cat collecting.  There's a certain look I like them to have and I just know it when I see it.
Take for instance my wooden kitties in the above picture. These are my favorites. The tallest one there is actually a pencil holder...you slip a pencil in the back as his 'tail'.
And the teeny tiny one....I just about fell over when I found him. Ten cents! So cute.

Then there are my brass beauties.

And no mod cat collection would be complete without a Dansk cat. (Don't think it's vintage..but..my collection, my rules)

Here are all the kitties together. Sorry for the bad photo. They're on a shelf in kind of a darkish corner. Will fix that someday.

What do you think of my kitties?
What kinds of vintage do you collect?

If you want to start a Mod Cat collection of your own...I have a duplicate piece listed here on Etsy.

Happy thrifting!

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