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Musing on a Rainy Day


 I don't really have a specific point to this post. Usually, I wouldn't bother posting. But I realize that's why my posting here on the blog is so haphazard.
I'd really like to work on blogging more often. What ends up happening is that I think I have to have something cool to share or thrift finds to list in order to do a blog post. If I don't have anything ready, I just ignore you all. That's just wrong!
It's okay to just pop in and say "hey! I'm here. I'm keepin' on keepin' on. Doing all the usual listing, school shopping, etc.."

It's raining today. It's so nice. Here in the Pacific NW we had a really nice summer. Sun for days. It starts to get me edgy. Gets on my nerves! I'm a NW transplant, didn't grow up here, but I've gotten used to the cloud cover. I don't like being hot.
Plus the lawn is brown. And crunchy! Yuk. Seattle is the Emerald City. We're not very Emerald right now. More like Topaz. It's just wrong.

School starts next week. While I'm not a schedule kind of person...I recognize that some kind of structure is good for the kiddo and for us as a family. So here we go.
Well, that's about it.
Ebay has a free listing week. Messes me all up. I get all crazy trying to make it count. "...If I do a 5 day auction today, I'll have a chance to relist again during the free listing...but is an auction a good idea?...maybe stick with fixed price...." I go around and around.
And it takes me away from Etsy...so no action there...
Well, okay. I just popped in to say..

"hey! I'm here. I'm keepin' on keepin' on!"
(pictures are from our family garden)
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