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Thriftin' ~ American Picker Style


There's a part of every day when Little Man 2 gets a bit clingy. It's usually when he's tired. Or tired of doing what he's doing and he wants to be held. During that time, I usually pop the TV on and thrift vicariously through shows like American Pickers, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, etc... It's called education.

Well, the last week or so, I've been catching up on American Pickers. We don't have The History Channel, but I discovered that I could watch it on Amazon Instant Video and with my Prime account, several seasons were free.

So I've been catching up with Mike and Frank.

During that time, I was in Little Man 1's room, straightening his blind and I looked out the window. All this time watching Mike and Frank "pick" must have had its influence on me, because my eye goes straight to this:

Atlas Tack and Nail Bar ~ Hardware Display

My father-in-law has his carpentry shop on the property and out back is one of his storage sheds. I could see through part of it to this thing of beauty. Just sitting there...getting rusty and crusty. Perfect!
It's an Atlas tack and nail 'bar'...a hardware store display.
I love it.
Well I told Hubby to clear the way for me getting my hands on it...he said, "Oh I've had my eye on that for awhile". We got the go ahead (and the double go ahead from my MIL..."just take it!!")
Hubby went out and salvaged it this week, cleaned it up for me and even found some boxes of tacks to go with it if I want.

I'll be popping it into the Retro Shop to share with someone with the industrial decor to appreciate it...or someone who wants a unique display for their hardware....wares.

What do you think, would Frank and Mike be proud of my little pick?

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