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July...Here We Go!

It seems like lately I've just been doing Spoils of Thrift posts and not much else. What can I say? I like showing y'all what I found!
But I figured I should throw a few other types of posts in between...just in case you get bored!

Sales have been good! What about you?
June started off really slow...then ended with a bang and July is still doing well. All 2 days of it.

Something has really helped...despite the typical 'summer selling blahs'...what do you think it was?

We've been listing like crazy. Hubby too. And not just more of what we normally sell. When Hubby is involved...my store gets more variety. Tools, toys, hardware, electronics...things that would take me forever...Hubs cleans 'em up..does his research...gets 'em listed. Not that he doesn't spend too much time researching (like most of us) and he takes a bajillion pictures...and his descriptions are super detailed...so you'd think it'd take him forever to do one listing. But no. He's very focused. So he does everything...and just lists..then moves on to the next one...and the next one....etc...

Whereas I, on the other hand....research....ooh..look at that website!..ooh..better check Facebook....oooh I gotta remember to see what's on sale at Fred Meyer this week for groceries later....ooh let me Pin this Etsy item....edit a few photos....email my Mother....

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But it's true..he's much more focused than I am on the computer. And somehow it seems to be me who jumps up to deal with LM1 and LM2 when something comes up.

But it's funny...when Hubby is in Listing Mode...I list more too. I'm not trying to keep up...I just feel bad he's listing so much and so I try to be more productive too.

So, we doubled our numbers on Ebay...I've added a bit to the Etsy shops. We have a nice variety of items, big and small...expensive and not...and our backlog is being chipped away at. It feels good.

Here are a few of the things that have sold recently:

Set of 4 It's a Small World Disney character plush dolls. Plush sells. I pick it up...but I'm pretty picky. I like multiples of a set...and having the tags always helps too.

One of those items that has been in a box for who knows how long and who knows where we picked it up. I think it came with a camera we got..and the camera ended up having issues...so Hubby listed this separately. Vintage camera stuff rocks!

I pick up PSX rubber stamps (Personal Stamp Exchange...just found that out) when I see them. I was surprised this one sold so quickly. 

And the holy grail of Polaroids. I almost fell over at the yard sale last year when I found it. I tried to play it cool...they had $15 on it...I got it for $10. It was one of those cases where I was so excited I lost my head. Yard sale lady told me it was in really great shape..etc...I didn't look at it too closely. Got home and discovered it was all kinds of broken. Sigh.
Oh well...something this desirable can always be sold for parts. So we finally did. Less than 24 hours after listing it.

Here's another interesting thing. So a couple of those listings are mine and a couple are Hubby's. I like natural light...he does fine with flash. I read all these articles about keywords and how to list and word order and whatnot...Hubby doesn't. He just lists. I don't even tweak his listings. (okay, maybe a little..but I don't really have time for that)
And you know what?
Our stuff sells equally well.

Which leads me to believe: You just have to have stuff people want. And then list it.

Anyway that's my story.
What do you think??

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