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The Spoils of Thrift


I must say, I've found quite a few things I'm excited about in the last couple days. Things I've seen in other thrifter/reseller's shops, or on their blogs. Things I've never found myself.

First off was this square bowl by Arabia of Finland. It was in a dumpy little Goodwill...so it just goes to show...you never know. I hugged that little dish to myself and when the cashier was about to drop it in the bag without wrapping, I said "That's okay, I'll just carry it in my purse". I wasn't taking any chances.

Same day I found not one, but two honeycomb spice racks by Copco. I was tempted to keep one of them. I think it would fit perfectly over my stove and the design is ingenious. But I think I'll hold out for red. Both of these were yellow.

Friday I headed to my local Goodwill since they're having 50% off books and media this weekend. It's the only time their books go on sale. Grabbed a couple books, mostly for the kiddos, but also stumbled across this cute little Butticki plaque. Handmade in Sweden.

Actually, on my way to that plaque I passed through the furniture and stopped in my tracks in front of this:

It's not real wood, but it's well made, the glass is nice and thick and the style is perfect. Best of all, it was 20% off of $40. Perfect!! Can't wait to get it in place (in my living room) and start filling it up!
Okay, also on that same trip, I found this glass bowl:

I thought I recognized it as Iittala glass...but I wasn't positive and it didn't have the little red and white 'i' sticker. But it was awesome enough, I was prepared to keep it, even if I couldn't ID it. After some help from the folks on Twitter (#thriftbreak), it was confirmed as being from the Ultima Thule line! Score!!
My first piece of Iittala in the wild!!

Then wouldn't you know it....the next day I went to an estate sale (combo estate and antique dealer cleanout)..and found these:

This time the little red and white "i" sticker was in place, making things a whole lot easier!! These are Festivo candleholders.
The same estate sale yielded more Swedish plaques:

All in all, it's been my most productive thrifting week in awhile!
Did you get out? What did you find?

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