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The Spoils of Thrift ~ Mid June

Sneezing Man Tissue Box Cover

Just a quick thrift finds post today since I only found a few things (I've really tried to be good!!). But I like what I found so that's always a bonus.

First off...check out that Sneezing Man tissue box cover by Fitz & Floyd. Awesome! What was so exciting about finding it...is that I've already sold one! I found one about a year ago and sold it on Etsy. Since then I've had at least 3 people ask me if I have another one or if that one is still for sale. I'm sure they found my listing through Google. It's a popular item, it seems. I never dreamed I'd find a second one...so I was floored when it was sitting there on the shelf (just about eye level!) at my local Goodwill.
I know some of you will agree...if you have that thrifting addiction...a serendipitous find like that just makes you feel...GOOD!

That night I also picked up this brass candle holder set by Colseth of Norway. It has a sticker on the bottom. I was so excited...until I got home and researched and could find NOTHING at all about this company. Hmmm. I found one other product by them listed for sale by MidModMom, but she couldn't find anything out either.

Oh well, we'll have to let the intrinsic coolness of the item sell it. :)

And the third thing I picked up that night was another pair of candleholders. Sometimes across a crowded thriftstore....you see something on a shelf and you just KNOW it's something good. I spotted these candleholders and thought 'YES!'. Again..I love them...but the only marking on them is Nysolv 60GR (sorry, I can't figure out how to type in Norwegian). So just nickel silver...probably made in Norway...but no maker's name that I've figured out yet. But still cool.
UPDATE: Okay, so as I was posting this picture:

I decided to research a little bit more. The "H" in the shield is the maker's mark and stands for A. Holthe of Norway. Sweet! Love it when I have a bit more information for the listing.

I unexpectedly ended up with some free time on Saturday and so I hit a couple yard sales. I really need to make more time for these. How do you beat the prices?? For example:

(Have I mentioned how much I love my new backdrops? (See previous post))

I had seen this same mug at Goodwill 2 days ago and passed on it because they priced it at $4. But then I see it at the yard sale...and guess what? 25 cents. That's what I'm talking about!

Next sale, men's Cole Haan Nike Air shoes. Leather. Made in Italy.....$1. (forgot to take a picture, sorry)

Then a couple little odds and ends that I should be able to flip.
I pick up any rubber stamp that was made by PSX. This one is called "Friends" and it's by Suzy Toronto.

(UPDATE: The rubber stamp is listed and....SOLD.)

And this Disney Trading pin. Not a big money one, but I figure with the jumbo size and the original box, etc...I should be able to sell it.

That's it! Now you know for sure...when I say this'll be a quick finds post...pull up a chair cause I don't really mean it.

What did y'all find?
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