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Moving On ~ Vintage I Spy

1961 Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cook Book

Okay, enough of that gloomy, reflective stuff! Let's talk about thrifting!

I have a new pastime. When I can't get out to thrift? I look through vintage cookbooks and try to ID vintage housewares. Let's say it all together....."THRIFT NERD!!". But it's fun! I'll show you.

The above cook book is full of all sorts of mid century Mad Men BBQ and picnic goodness.

I spy with my little eye...a Cutco carving fork next to the turkey. See it?

And check out the little coffee set up:

Don? Ruth? Carol? Seriously...who personalizes their guests coffee cups? But how cool. And what is up with that funky fruit table??

Is that Georges Briard enamelware I spy?

It IS!! Look at that set up with the cups hanging off of it. I assume there's a heating element underneath.

You can recreate this with these pieces I found on Etsy. I couldn't find the exact same pattern..but same idea.
Briard Coffee Pot by spartacarla

Briard Coffee Cups by orangedoorvintage

Okay, one more. This one makes me drool. And it's not the roast beef.

I'm pretty sure that's a set of Dansk Fjord flatware. Sigh.

I'm sure you vintage experts have spotted a lot more goodies in these pictures. What did you "spy"?? Share below!


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