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Missing In Action

I really didn't mean to go this long without telling you where I've been. We're actually out of state, visiting family. And there was all the pre-vacation prep to do...so getting here to the blog didn't make the to-do list. Sorry about that!

We've been thrifting of course...but so far haven't found anything SUPER exciting. Still have a couple stores to hit and some yard sale action. But it's always fun to hit stores you haven't been in awhile.

Hubby did get some Oakley sunglasses at a yard sale...and some printer cartridges that should sell for a good chunk of change. So all is not lost. At least so far we don't have to pay for another suitcase on the plane, or ship a box home. I guess it's a mixed blessing.

I had my Ebay shop closed and invisible for the first week. I had my Etsy shops open but with an announcement. Then I sold an item that they needed sooner rather than later. (Darn it! It was a good sale!). They hadn't seen the announcement...and so we cancelled the transaction. All very nice and friendly like. I LOVE my Etsy buyers.
So then I figured out that Etsy did have a vacation mode, so I figured it was best to hide those listings too for awhile.

We have a little less than a week left on our trip...so I have my Ebay store visible again..but still with a vacation notice. I also bulk edited my handling time to 5 days so I wasn't violating my handling time agreement by shipping so late. I plan on emailing customers when  if something sells.

I opened Etsy today too and will convo those customers too as the sales roll in. lol.

Okay! That's the update. Will check back in when we get back and share any exciting finds from this weekend! Maybe we'll need that suitcase after all!!
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