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Fave Find: Minolta MG Subminiature SPY Camera!


I am such a sucker for vintage cameras. So when I saw this kit at at flea market on our recent trip...I had to check it out. The case won me over right away. Super slim and all the pieces fitting in there so nicely. 
It looked like it had never been used. Made in Japan. 

I got home and discovered that while it had flash bulbs and some filters, it didn't have the actual flash unit. I checked Ebay and found one for sale at a great price with free shipping. I ordered it and it arrived just about the same time as our Fed Ex'ed boxes did that contained our finds.

Isn't it CUTE?? lol.
Anyway, due to its size..it's called a Subminiature and often gets called a SPY camera too. How cool is that??

Today in the mail I received another find from the trip. My friend came down from NY to visit us while we were on the East Coast and she offered to ship back one of our thrift finds:

Isn't this one of the coolest Waechtersbach West Germany sets you've seen?? It's a new one for me.
One thing this set taught me is that this piece is a JOGHURT (yogurt) cup.

I've found this same piece in the famous red and white heart pattern and sold it as a votive holder.
Well, now I know. :)
Anyone know what the typeface is that's printed on these pieces? I know sometimes people collect items based on fonts. Interesting, right?
Had a few more finds from the trip but I'll share next time.
Sorry I've been neglecting the blog lately. I'm going to try to do better. I have to schedule it in.
I'm feeling kind of reflective about my business today...but that'll be another blog post as well. I need to do a few things and get the kiddos to bed and then myself as well!
Good night!

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