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Back In Action


Well, we are back from our trip and have hit the ground running. Well, it feels that way, anyway. Maybe it's just my jet lag.
We had a wonderful trip...had a great visit with family...did some thrifting but now it's back to work.

I feel like we didn't find a TON of wonderful things on our thrifting outings...but I guess we did alright. When I got back home and re-discovered my TO LIST pile...I'm kinda glad we didn't go overboard. Just my flatware alone...ai yi yi.

The second week we had our stores open and so we had a good amount to ship out today. Every little bit helps when you're on va-cay and not working. Right?

Between gifts, shopping for ourselves, getting some of Grandma's castoffs, and thrifting..we ended up having 2 boxes to ship home. So I can't show you our finds yet...most of them are in the hands of Fed Ex. Soon, I promise.

One thing that made it into the carry on to come home were these vintage prints by K. Chin. I think I love the chess playing owl the best! 
Here's a couple more:

These are already listed in my Vintage Paperology shop.

And one more find that came home with me. This vintage dress by Miss Elliette. 

Although I see quite a bit of vintage clothing in my adventures, I'm always hesitant to get into selling it. Vintage fashion is a world that I don't know a lot about. The shops I see that specialize have amazing photography to display the clothing. I feel like I don't have the setup to do the pieces justice. But sometimes there are pieces I can't resist.
Like this chiffony and very pleated dress. The price was ridiculous and the condition amazing. I had to get it. And I have to confront my vintage-clothing-photo-taking insecurities eventually!!

As soon as the Fed Ex lady arrives later in the week...or maybe actually Monday...I'll try to share the rest of what I found. There IS one vintage camera that I'm super excited about!

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