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Thrift Trip Follow Up


Well, look at this...it must have been quite the week, since it's taken me until now to give you a follow up of our thrifting nerd-y anniversary trip.
It was quite nice, spending time with my little family and getting out to see some stuff. Plus thrifting, of course.

We drove around the Olympic Peninsula...hitting mostly Goodwills along the way. We found a few beaches and LM1 got to poke around.

Speaking of poking around on beaches, did you know that sea stars or star fish could have this many legs?

I don't know, something seems just wrong about that....

Anyway, what I didn't know is that LM1 was coming down with something and by the time we hit Sequim (pronounced Squim) he had a fever. We found a hotel and holed up for the night. After a somewhat sleepless night we were on the way again. With the resiliency of the young, LM1 was much better and ready for another beach. Which we found (after we dragged him to a few Goodwills).

This was on the other side of the Peninsula so this is actual Pacific Ocean, not just Puget Sound.

Okay..so onto the finds. What can I say? They were pretty modest. We were hoping to at least get ONE really GREAT thing among our finds...but ended up with several just GOOD things.

Got some Heller-esque brown plastic-ware by PMC...the Oblique line. A Rosti yellow ladle, another Spar cheese slicer, a few mid century mail sorters and a really cool linen map of Denmark. The red plastic bowl (ice bucket?) was interesting. It's by Perstorp of Sweden (new to me) and designed by Arne Darnell.
And of course I found flatware. The fork in this picture is by Lauffer (Towle) and is from the Design 3 pattern made in Norway. LOVE finding Lauffer flatware!!

I was actually pretty stoked to see this package of "Teaching Pictures" at one of the Goodwills we went to. The pictures are from the 1960s and are pretty great. They are science themed so lots of animals, etc.. They'll be headed into my new Etsy shop, Vintage Paperology as soon as I get some mailers that are big enough to handle them.
I also was excited about this Dymo label maker. I usually pick up any Dymos that I see..but this one seems more rare than others. It's a #1450 and super slim ~ it could fit in your pocket! I don't usually buy the Rotex brand..but it was metal and pretty cool looking so it came home too.
Then I found a bunch of Oneida flatware still in its packaging so that was a no-brainer too. I've already sold 12 pieces of that.

All in all, it was pretty satisfying. We got some things for ourselves as well and a few more things that I missed getting pictures of. Starbucks tumbler...a large-ish lot of Horatio Hornblower books...and some sewing patterns...there was probably more...lol

So that was the thrift trip! What did y'all find this week?

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