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Confessions of a Thrifting Nerd

Anniversary Tulips in a thrifted stainless carafe 
on my inventory shelf next to my computer

Wednesday, April 10th was my 14 year anniversary.

We didn't do much out of the ordinary. Hubs brought me tulips and a card. I bought him a card the next day.
Whoo hoo. Old married couple time.

But we did make some plans for this weekend that do get me excited.

Wanna know what we're gonna do?

Drive around to thrift stores we haven't been to before.

Yeah, baby!!

The kiddos will be with us, so of course we may not hit as many as we normally would. And we'll probably have to find a beach or 2 for Little Man to throw rocks on.

But we're a'goin thriftin'!!! Hope to have some finds to share next week!

((Having just finished my taxes..woot woot!!...I appreciate the value of mileage...so thrifting will always have to be a part of any outing from now on!))

What about you? Are you a thrifting nerd?? Come on! Share some proof!
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