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Thrifting Tip ~ Never Judge a Sale by Its Cows


I have a few finds to share from this weekend. It was another crazy week it seems..just keeping up with the normal stuff. Can't remember that I found anything spectacular at any of my thrift runs this week, but I did go to a couple yard sales on Saturday. Little Man is sick (again!) and Hubby volunteered to stay home with the boys while I did some running.
There were a few sales close by which was nice. I'm itching for the season to really get going!!
Anywho, I saw this picture on Craigslist and let me tell you, it gave me a big "shUDDER". hee hee.

This is not too unusual for the estate sales where I live. No wonder I can't find cathrineholm.

BUT...here's my tip: Good stuff can be found anywhere. Leave no corner unturned.
In amongst all that cow-ness...were these 2 coffee mugs.

Taylor and Ng and Waechtersbach!
Made it all worthwhile.
The next sale was a bit better. It was a downsizing and there was some pretty good stuff. Let me tell you, the prices were out of control and the stuff was flying out the door. Right away I saw these very vintage sewing patterns.

Three boxes. I wasn't sure I wanted to bother. Most are cut already. But finding ones these old is kind of unusual...I'm thinking 1940s/1950s? I found one Vogue and pulled that out, thinking I'd at least get that one. They were 50 cents apiece. But then the price tag said that a discount would be given for multiples so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. As I was paying, I asked for a price if I bought all of them...$4 a box! How am I going to say no?? So funny, that I had several women tell me what a good deal I had gotten. One even said that these are what she was looking for...so not sure why she didn't buy them herself. Oh well. It's all timing, I guess.
This is what else I got:

Spar Norway cheese slicer, brass whale, brass horse key hook, brass stencils, 2 old shoe stretchers and right up front are a couple of vintage industrial bobbins.
Here's the funny part about that. I was carrying them around and an older gentleman asked me what they were. I explained and he asked me if I collected them. In a manner of speaking, I do..so I said yes and he told me he had a big basket of them at home that I could have for FREE if I wanted them.
So after I was given the address and phone number and directions we were all set...just no appointment.

After a few more sales and errands, I decided to swing by and see if they were home yet. They actually pulled in while I was knocking on their door. I was invited in and sure enough, there was a big dusty basket of industrial bobbins with yarn on their coffee table. They said it had been there forever and that they were about to throw it away. I was actually doing them a favor!
They even offered me coffee! Gotta love small towns.
Here are the cleaned up bobbins:

Fun stuff!
Can't wait to hear about what y'all found!

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