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New for Spring


Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is analyze my online business, tweak, change up, try something else, open shops, close shops, simplify, complicate....

It's all part of the online ReSelling game, right?

Well, that's what I keep telling myself.

So Hubby and I decided to open another Etsy shop. If you "Like" us on Facebook, you've probably seen the announcement...but I wanted to share the news here too.
Here's my shop banner, I  made it myself (as if you couldn't tell, lol):

You can see the shop here: Vintage Paperology

I have quite the supply (I refuse to call it a hoard) of vintage prints, posters, flashcards..etc...all sorts of things that can be used in art or framed and hung on a wall. So we decided to have a separate shop dedicated to it. I have a bunch of plastic sign making letters and symbols that will go in there as well.
If it's a Letter, Number, Picture or Word...there's probably a spot for it in my shop.

It was gratifying to open the store and a couple hours later get this email:

Whoo hoo! Sold a flashcard to Australia.

I still have some tweaking to do, and promoting of course, but it's on its way.

And then there's The Retro Shop. Time for some spring cleaning there as well. I've thought long and hard about that shop...and it's changed quite a bit along the way. While I would love to sell only Mid Century items...I just don't have the sources (or circumstances) right now to get the good stuff. I'd already resigned myself to that awhile back and adopted the tagline "Embrace the Eclectic".
So The Retro Shop ends up with all kinds of vintage in it.

But...some of it sells faster than others. So I think it's time to get back to my roots. I started off on Etsy selling supplies. Not commercial supplies, but all sorts of random items that people can use in their altered art or jewelry making or what have you.

So I think over the next month or so you'll see more smalls in my shop. More game pieces, vintage buttons, notions, hardware, some flatware..etc....

All of this is in a move to try to simplify the listing and shipping and reclaim some of our storage! And to sell some stuff! The fact is, supplies and smalls sell! And can add up.

With the upcoming changes to Ebay's fee structure (which I'm sure you've all read about everywhere else, so I need not go into it here...) it seemed a good time to analyze and make some plans!

What about you all? Any big changes you've got planned for the Spring?

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