Monday, February 25, 2013

The Spoils Of Thrift ~ End of February

I spent some time today reading some of my favorite vintage blogs, such as the ones showcased on A Living Space's Nifty Thrifty (I'll be linking up as soon as this post is done), and it got me antsy to go hunt down some vintage!!
I really felt like I haven't found anything interesting lately. I've been focusing on flatware on Ebay and that's been profitable. It's fun but not as much fun as vintage.
I do have a backlog of vintage that I've been shopping in, so that's been kind of fun. I uncovered these 3 Kokeshi Sake bottles that we thrifted from my MIL ages ago. I had done some research and found out that they held Sake in different colors and were given to First Class passengers on flights to Japan back in the day. Fun! Headed to The Retro Shop soon!
Then I started thinking about some of the recent finds I DID have and they weren't too shabby. We recently went to the ocean and so we hit our normal little thrifts out there and a couple Goodwills and a Value Village we don't often go to. So by the end, I had rounded up a few interesting things...

I love this Copco pitcher or utensil holder. I've found a Rosti one before that was very similar but it was a dark brown. This red one is MUCH  more my color. But alas, I have no counter space so it will be appearing in The Retro Shop in the near future.
Next find was these sweet little stainless egg cups by Quist, a West German company. There were 3. So of course I had to take them all. Look how awesome:

They have their own little salt shakers!
The same little thrift yielded this My Little Pony sewing pattern. I've been loving my sewing pattern sales. They are slow but easy to list and profitable. Hubby actually found this and figured it would sell.

 Hubby definitely has the eye. I've mentioned this before..but it's great thrifting together. He either finds things I would never even look at twice, or he finds the things he knows I would want and missed. It helps that he's about a foot taller than me and can reach the top shelf!
What else?

I love vintage Vis-Ed flash cards. I've never seen these Inorganic Chemistry ones..but they are awesome! They are all divided into sections and look like this:

Total Greek to me..but someone will love them! That reminds me...I also scored some 1960s fish variety picture flash cards that are amazing...but I forgot to take pictures. I'll share them another day.
And this is why I love reSelling vintage...look at the variety! My attention span is too short to deal with selling the same thing over and over. So we go from science flash cards to darning eggs! I love the shape of that front one.

A nice little textile industrial touch to add to your decor. Or go ahead and darn some socks if you know how!
And then there's Hubby's find...I would have picked these up too..but he had more fun picking out the best ones and researching them. He'll get the fun of listing them too.

Next comes one of my favorite finds. This little 'king' lidded jar. It doesn't have a mark or sticker, but it's probably a Made in Japan piece from the 1980s? Just my guess...If anyone recognizes it, let me know!

And then finally...I couldn't resist this Parker Brothers wooden U.S. puzzle. Even though I have TWO others!! Yes and I've had them for awhile.

But see what the pieces look like?

I've always thought they'd make great magnets or brooches. You could seal them and attach a pin bar or something...What do you think? Would that sell?
I have these ideas...
Anyway....not a bad weekend for thrifting...Now to get it all listed!
What great things have you found lately? I'm slowly working my way through all your blogs!


  1. Hi, so many exciting things! I agree with you on the variety thing - so much more fun. However, I don't know if I have the clue, I feel my Etsy sales are going very slow - trying to figure out how and why. Think maybe people think Scandinavia is too far away to buy. Oh well, fun to buy and list, though...

    1. Hmm..I don't know..people will pay shipping for what they want. Maybe up your selling price and lower your shipping. Sometimes it's better psychologically.

  2. Great finds! My grandmother has the beer mugs in their bar and I would get to use one when I was a kid and go stay with them. I guess I thought it was pretty cool to drink pop in a beer mug!

    I have sold all my state puzzle pieces to magnet and brooch makers on Etsy. I pick them up even if they aren't complete.

    Now I'm excited to get out there and see what I can find! :)

    1. I know..I have these ideas for crafts and then decide to just sell my finds as supplies.
      I should try something different for a change.

  3. Those sake bottles are one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. And yes, I think the state magnets or brooches would sell really well.

  4. Those little egg sets are so cute! I love the tiny little shakers they came with. Very clever.

    Have a wonderful week!


    1. Thanks for coming by! I love the fact the egg cups have everything you need!

  5. You are so lucky that your husband loves thrifting! My partner is bored stiff by it. I think the "King" lidded jar might be a UCTCI Japan piece. There's a listing for an identical one on eBay right now. The seller is uncertain that it's a UCTCI but the style of it is very similar to other UCTCI pieces. Thanks so much for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home!

    1. I know I AM fortunate! Having Hubby in the Biz means more thrifting...and more piles of stuff! Aack!! lol.

      And I think you're right about the UCTCI...was just researching those..I saw that listing on Ebay and also some salt and peppers that are the same that ARE id'd. So I think we have a winner!

  6. Not a bad week! I adore those kokeshi dolls! They will do very well. The egg cups and the lidded jar are things that I would have picked too.

  7. Those kokeshi sake bottles are super cool! And I love those Copco/Rosti pitchers as well. I have one in brown and blue but your red is the best color. Those puzzle pieces would be great as you've got me thinking!