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Hello, 2013

Okay, readers. I believe I'm back. And will be blogging regularly again. I've really missed it and hearing from all of you!
December was crazy busy, like I mentioned. Hubby was helping list and it really paid off. We had an amazing sales month. Sales are still holding steady, so that's good.
However, my sales have mostly been on Ebay, since I've neglected my poor little Etsy store. But I will remedy that this month.

The beginning of a new year always makes me think of goals and getting organized. I know I'm not alone in that, considering how quickly the Franklin Covey organizers we listed last month sold.

One of my goals for this year is to really ramp up how much flatware I sell. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how excited I get about finding good flatware and selling it! So instead of just randomly listing pieces here and there...I mean to get serious about it.

So I decided to get organized BEFORE I grow. Amazing, huh?

So I went out to WallyWorld (can't stand it...but it IS the cheapest) and bought some storage containers.

This is all of, ahem, a small fraction of my flatware. These are either ready to list or are waiting for more pieces. I plan on getting more drawers. So as I find some pieces, I can quickly match them up with other ones.

Then here is where the listed items go.

 Easy peasy. I have a sale, I go right to the drawer and pull it out.

Right now these are in my family room/office...but we'll see if we can find another home for them.

So that's what I'll be working on this year. Plus my backlog of vintage...and some odds and ends to finish up. I know there's no way I could sell ONLY flatware. Hubby and I are not wired that way. We love the thrill of the hunt and flipping what we find. But I'm vowing to be more selective.

Clothing, for example. I know tons of sellers who love it. Buy it cheap, list it fast, sell it quick. Easy to store and ship. Sounds great. Except I hate it. It brings me NO JOY.
So, I've decided to not sell it. I do have some pieces to get rid of...sigh. Hubby and I are both putting it off. But at least I don't feel guilty that I'm missing something by not scouring the clothing aisles at Goodwill.

I probably will still sell accessories. Shoes, belts, hats. Those I don't mind if the profit is good.

But of course...I love to sell VINTAGE. I promise the next posts will be back to some of my vintage finds..etc..Some to sell, some to keep.

What about you? What big plans do you have for 2013??

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