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Finds...It's Been Awhile

Pink Gooseberry Pyrex #444

Well, I haven't posted my finds in awhile. Let's be honest, I haven't posted much of anything in awhile. So let me catch you up on a few.

The day I was so excited about that I mentioned in my last post...going to some new thrifts...well, it wasn't so exciting after all. I did find some things...after all...you can always find something to resell. But no big newsmakers..just some solid bread and butter items.

First off, my 5yo LM found this for me:

Wales Spice Cabinet ~ Made in Japan

It was hanging in a bag on the wall at VV. Little Man said..."Mom, do you like this kind of furniture?". I said, "Why yes, I do!!". He said, "I thought so.".
Whoo hoo! I'm raising a picker!
That day we also found another vintage Dymo label maker. I love the chrome ones..and when they come with extra tape and cartridges...score!!

Dymo M-10

I also had some fails that day. It happens to the best of us!
I picked up these:

Vintage office accessories are so much fun! However, the cork pen holder is missing its metal liner.

Darn it!
And the super old Scotch tape dispenser had issues with the sand/concrete that weighs it down. It was crumbling, etc. 
So both have been either disposed of, or repurposed.
I salvaged the super cool clothespin though and listed it.
You can see it here.

That day yielded a few other treats. Mostly just stock items for Ebay. HP Photosmart Ink Cartridges for example. Those are sold already.
Can't remember if I got this blue glass canister that day or not, but it was around then and it's super cute.

Belgian Blue Glass Canister
Made in Belgium.

So this past weekend I went to an Estate Sale and found that Pink Gooseberry Pyrex bowl in the top picture. It was a Bachelor's Estate Sale...so not a lot of housewares..mostly tools and fishing and canning gear...and a big Pink Pyrex bowl. So funny. You just never know where you'll find stuff.

Now we're on a buying freeze.
I know I've said this before but I mean it.

I can still thrift. Hee hee. I found a loophole.
I'm still buying flatware if I see it.
But no more "hey-I-can-sell-that-someday" items. I have bins and bins of those already. :)

What have you found lately??

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