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I'm Still Here

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

It's just BUSY!

Can't complain, things are selling. So I'm busy listing while the iron is hot.

Hubby has been listing too at night after work and the kids are in bed. He's helping me hit my backlog...things I bought I know will sell, but that I'm not totally interested in. We're trying to clear that through and then I can focus on my vintage and flatware. And sometimes vintage flatware. :)

He's learning some things as he's listing, so now he has new things to look for at the thrifts. His own little niches. More power to him.

But things are selling. Rock on!

I can't stay...baby is napping and I should be listing or photographing or something...just wanted to check in.
I promise I'll have some finds to share when things calm down a bit.

Happy selling!!
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