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The Early Bird Gets the.....Starbucks Mug


Okay, so when Littlest Man woke up last Friday at 5:30am, wanted to eat and then decided it was time to play..for once it was really okay. You know why? Because I was about to go SHOPPING. Isn't that crazy? Yes, I know in a lot of places and in a lot of people's lives that's not really that early.
And yes, it was Black Friday so I was not alone in hunting down the deals before the sun came up.
But I was going to shop at Goodwill!
The Goodwills in our area decided to skip the Veterans Day sales and have the Biggest Sale of the Year. Fifty percent off the entire store (donated goods only) and open at 7 am.

My MIL wanted to go with so we decided to leave at 6:15 and hit up my favorite Goodwill which is about 1/2 hour away. I brought Littlest Man with me, but his Grandma and Uncle held him most of the time while we were shopping so I was free to concentrate.

We got there right at 7 (of course we swung through Starbucks on the way...this is WA state, after all) and there was a modest little lineup of people waiting to get in.
I headed straight for housewares and happened to hit the mug aisle first. When you can find treasures in any part of a thrift store, it doesn't really matter where you start, right? So I just kind of wandered. I found these Starbucks city mugs right away. But what do you think? Was the Goodwill prepared for their 1/2 off sale?

Ha! They totally got the price they normally charge for these mugs anyway. Oh well. I can still make a buck or two on them.
The mug on the right is also a Starbucks one and was more reasonably priced. The M&M one was just for kicks.
I found a few pieces of clothing for me and to sell. A non-iron Brooks Bros shirt and a goose down vest.
Shoes are never marked down in our stores, except on days like these, so I made sure to scan them before I left. I was rewarded with Dansko sandals and Naot boots.

And I picked up some vintage goodies. Of course. Did you really think I wouldn't?

Nothing to retire on, but overall fairly satisfying. Especially at the prices I paid.

Those frog glasses are from the Neil the Frog series by Sears. Wanna see them upclose?

So funny. They had a HUGE collection of items that went with. Can you really imagine decorating your kitchen with it? Rock on.
The super cute jam jar is made in W Germany and is by Waechtersbach.

I showed it to Hubby's grandma (or Oma, as we call her). She read the bottom and pronounced it the way it was meant to be pronounced and not the way I do. W-eh-ch-ters-boch...with the appropriate phlegmy sounding syllables.
This coffee canister was almost enough to make me want to go all Avocado-y in my kitchen...but then I'd have to use the Neil the Frog glasses and I can't bring myself to do it.

So all in all, a great time was had by all. Got up early, found some stuff and came home.

What did you all find this weekend? Any special sales?

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