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Thrift Spoils


Just a quick rundown of some fun finds lately since I really should be listing them while baby naps.

Found the above Dala horse still with it's sticker at the end of last week. Love it!

Same trip yielded these teak mice candleholders. Yup..."Made in Denmark". I see similar mice items online but haven't been able to track down similar candle holders.

Because these were in a bag lot at the thrift, I also came home with this Dutch maiden. She came along for the ride.
She's a bell.

Speaking of bagged items at thrifts...(totally my favorite place to dig around)...I scored some of this silverware by Cambridge. It's stainless and the pattern is Aztec.

What was so great is that for once, all the pieces of this pattern were in the SAME BAG. That never happens. This particular thrift likes to mix all the flatware up....presumably to get rid of the junk with the good stuff. For some reason, they kept these together. I got 18 pieces.

Then I went into an antique store in town. It's one that has booths with different vendors. It was opened by a vendor who used to be where I have a booth. Their shop has more actual vintage and antiques...not just upscale thrift. Anywho, we poked around and I found a reference book on buttons, my hubby found a mug and I found this little bronze hand sculpture bowl.

It's marked "Taxco Hecho en Mexico"

I plan on selling it, but I'm kind of tempted to keep it for awhile as a prop in my photos. Like this:

What do you think?

Anywho...that's about it for now. How was your pickin' week??

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