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These Aren't Exactly My Thrifty Finds


I think I mentioned in my Catching Up post that I had worked out a deal with the landlady of the store where I have my booth. Besides doing some of her marketing, I'm also selling some of her items for her online.
I thought I'd show you some of the items we 'picked'.

Top of the list is the above unmarked Pyrex bowl, with turquoise diamonds. I took that and some other Pink Daisy Pyrex pieces (sorry, I just got a new computer yesterday and those pics are on the old computer). Thanks to some lovely ladies on Facebook, all the Pyrex already have new homes.

I also brought home these 2 pieces of graniteware or enamelware. I thought the large coffeepot was amazing!! It was in great shape. I put them both on Ebay and have sold the larger one for $65. Could probably have held out for more, but the landlady was thrilled and I was thrilled to not have it taking up space!
The smaller pot is still for sale. It's more common, so I'm not expecting as much for it.
There was also this strange enamelware piece, shaped like a wok. I have no idea what it is for, so I'm marketing it as a shallow basin. I'll try to get a picture..hang on.
This one is also for sale, so we'll see.
I also grabbed a few smaller things to sell on Etsy.
LOVE this cute little candle holder marked "Made In Sweden"
It's already listed in the Retro Shop.

Then I have to still list this vintage Boy Scout compass and these Bakelite dice.

That's just about it. I also brought home a Bakelite Thermos carafe to sell. You can see that here, also in the Retro Shop. So far, it looks like this might work out pretty well for both of us!

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