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Betty Crocker's Hidden Picture Search


That used to be my favorite part of Highlights magazine for children. Remember the hidden picture search?
Well, when I found this vintage cookbook the other day, I decided to make my own game. More about that in a minute.
I usually scan the cookbooks at Goodwill. Don't usually find anything spectacular. I keep my eye out for Julia Child or the "pie cover" Betty Crocker. Well, this particular day I was at a Goodwill I hadn't been to in awhile and they seemed to have quite a few older cookbooks, like an estate had been cleaned out. Most of the books had seen quite a bit of use. Love that!!
I was so busy looking for the 'pie cover', when I saw this one, I thought "oh yeah, that one sells too" and absentmindedly grabbed it.

Betty Crocker's NEW Picture Cook Book. Well it sells pretty well. I popped it on Ebay, since I'm looking for a fast-ish sale. (spent too  much that day)
Had some fun looking through it first though.
Here was my game...I looked through the pictures looking for mid-century cookware and dishware I recognized.
Like this page...see that?

Dru Holland cast iron sauce pan. 

Then there's this Paul McCobb cruet set. 

Now this next page I need help with.
The brown and blue dishes look like I should know them. I pretty much would love to own anything on this page!! Do any of you recognize anything??
Check out that samovar!!

I love how the same cookbook is up on the shelf!!

Love the little illustrations throughout the book!

Oh and this last picture brings back memories. Not of my Grandma or anything, but of my early Ebay selling days.
Look at that appetizer serving tray. That's one of the first things I found at a thrift store 10ish years ago to try to sell on Ebay. Had no idea what I was doing. Don't think I was even sure what this thing was. I'm not even sure if it sold, or if I ended up putting it in a yard sale!! Fun stuff.

What's your favorite cook book? Oh and don't forget to let me know if you recognize anything in that picture!

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