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A Danish Modern Find...from Denmark. Really!!


Danish Modern Mid-Century Chair Made In Denmark Funder-Schmidt & Madsen

So I've been slow again at posting to the blog...but it's not for a lack of things to say! Life has been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. Relatives visiting...thus sightseeing. Then Little Man started Kindergarten this week and I have a whole new schedule to get used to. Well really, a schedule in general. I haven't had one in about 5 years! I actually set my alarm this week. Ugh. Of course Littlest Man has me up anyway, so I haven't needed the alarm..but it's for backup.

But onto my fun find! 

I found this chair on a trip last weekend to a Goodwill I hadn't been to in awhile. It was at the end of the week of the relative's visit..and I hadn't thrifted all week. (Said relative isn't the thrifting kind...you know!! It's better to skip the thrifting than go with someone not into it.)

So then I saw this chair. 

I thought, "Now that HAS to be something". Usually when I think that, it's not. Or if it is, it's unmarked...so I have no way of confirming. But this time it WAS.

You had me at "Made in Denmark".

And the price tag...well I don't even want to tell you. But let's just say it was priced like any ol' wooden chair at Goodwill. And then it was 1/2 off. 

So it came home with me. 

Now the hard part. I need to sell it. Not only because the money would be nice...but this is the type of chair my cats would ruin pretty quickly. I can't keep anything nice. 
But I really don't want to deal with shipping. I know I can take it somewhere, like a Fed Ex shop and they'll do it...but getting the quote and all that...don't feel like it. 
Someone in Seattle or even Portland would surely want this...right? 

That's what I'm hoping for. I've got it on Ebay with local pickup only...but I'll have to try Craigslist next. 

What about you? Any tips for shipping furniture? Any super duper easy ways? Or great companies you'd recommend?? If it comes to that. 

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