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Thanks For Your Input

I was glad of all the response I got to the post below about my dinnerware dilemma! Most of you like the bolder colors of Swiss Chalet but there were a few strong opinions about the atomic-ness of Blue Heaven!!

I am liking the suggestion to use and keep both! Seasonal use is a great idea!

In any case, I love having something specific to look for when I'm thrifting. When and if I'm ready to sell either one, I'd do better to have more pieces to sell...right??

Also a reminder that today is the last day to enter the giveaway!
All entries need to be in by midnight tonight. (I just made that up...it sounds official though!)

Winner will be chosen and notified tomorrow morning (pacific time). Whenever my Little Men let me get to it!

Thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word!

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