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Chalet or Heaven? Which Would You Choose?

Earlier this year, my kitchen was pretty much finished. It's a long story, but we've been building an apartment on my in-laws' property and the kitchen was one of the last things to get done.
I still don't have cabinet doors...but after time spent meal sharing and cooking in your bathroom, such details seem not so important.
So when I got a stove and sink put in, I realized that I didn't have any dinner plates. I wanted something I really liked so I wasn't going to grab the first set I saw at Goodwill.
I found some Taylor Smith Taylor vintage plates at a good price, so I got those. I wasn't totally in love, but I figured I could resell them when I found something better. Then I discovered heaven.

Blue Heaven, that is.

That's a screenshot of the purchase I made on Etsy. I bought the plates from the lovely seller, Lorna at Two Little Owls Vintage.
Blue Heaven is made by Royal China and there are all sorts of pieces. Fire King made some matching bakeware as well.

Fast forward a few months and look what I find:

Ai yi yi. This is also by Fire King and the pattern is called Swiss Alpine, sometimes Swiss Chalet. It's made by Mar-Crest. I knew this was a popular pattern so I initially bought it to resell. Then I looked at it too much. I really like it.
But I also like Blue Heaven. But I've only bought dinner plates so switching over is not a huge production.

Of course, then on Thursday I found this:

Then yesterday, I almost fell over when I saw this at my favorite little thrift:

"No Way!!" (that's what Hubby said when I showed him)

Aren't they cute together?
Maybe it's a sign.

So it's time to cast your vote! Which do you prefer? Swiss Alpine (Chalet) or Blue Heaven??

(Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already!!)

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