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What I've Been Doing...And It's Not Been Thrifting


Okay, I'm lying. I can't say with all honesty that the last week went by without one single trip to a thrift store. There might have been one. Or two.
But what I have been doing is a bit of sightseeing. Right here at home. There was some family from Germany visiting for the past week. They stayed with my husband's parents (we all live on the same property) but we ended up joining in on the visit as well.

One day we went to Mt St Helens.

Another day we hit all the tourist spots in Seattle.

The Space Needle

Pike Place Market

My favorite flower bunches inside the market.

They recently added a new Ferris Wheel right on the waterfront by the aquarium.

Then we went up the Space Needle to take in the view. The weather this past week was gorgeous and you could see pretty far. I always love it when Mt Rainier is clear and not clouded over.

It's the 50th Anniversary of the Space Needle (1962 World's Fair) so they had some cool vintage souvenirs on display inside the Needle. 
Check out that little turquoise rotary phone!!!!

You knew I'd find vintage somewhere this week, didn't you?

I would so love to find some of these  World's Fair souvenir glasses out in the wild. 
They also spent a day on Mt Rainier, but I begged off. My little 9 week old is a trouper,  but I decided to give him a break that day. 

But now the company has moved on to continue their America visit in other parts...so it's back to work for us! 

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