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The Spoils of Thrift ~ Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics collection. Still working on the pattern name
update: i think this is Sandalwood

It's not often that I find pieces of Heath at a thrift store. So I was thrilled on a quick trip into the Goodwill last Thursday to see these 6 mugs hanging with the other mugs. I spotted their telltale handles and my heart beat a little faster! A quick scan of the plates yielded the little plate. And then the housewares aisle contained this little pitcher.

I assumed it was a little creamer, but when I checked online, all the Heath creamers were bigger and have a handle. I finally found something listed on Replacements.com as a Mini Creamer, which I'm assuming that's what this is. There's no photo, so I'm just guessing. Anyone ever see this piece before? 

New Old Stock Hallmark stationery

Vintage stationery sells pretty well for me, so I usually pick it up when I see it. I was interested to see that 'vintage hallmark stationery' was a search term that brought people to my shop from Google. This cheery orange and yellow set is still sealed.

Here's a few more finds:

 Two Pyrex restaurant mugs in the Ebony pattern.

Salt and Pepper Owls. Bottom reads "Native Clay from Whidbey Island" 

Little Little Golden Books. I guess the idea was to collect all 12. I found these 6, new in their packages! From the 1980s.

And who can resist a pig stapler?

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