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A Game That's a Puzzler

Original Memory game

So I listed this vintage Memory game in my shop this week. As I was listing it and researching it, I started to have a peculiar feeling that I had something special. See, I picked this up because it was different than any other memory game I'd seen and it was made in West Germany. (W.Germany=vintage)
I thought, 'well some crafter on Etsy is gonna love these images'.

But then I couldn't find another one like it. 

The game has on it "Otto Maier Verlag" and "Ravensburg" and "Made in W. Germany".

From what I can find out, Otto Maier Verlag (a man and later a company) or "Ravensburger" as it was later called, first produced the game "Memory" in 1959. By 1966 Milton Bradley had purchased it and released it with the same images. That version (4664) is fairly collectible. 

So I don't think this is the first Memory game..since it's called "original-memory". There's a little card that lists other Memory games...like Junior Memory and Nature Memory. This one must have been called 'original' to differentiate it. But I think it has to pre-date the 1966 MB version. Ravensburger couldn't keep making it if MB bought it, right?

In any case, I can't find another like it. So my dilemma of course is pricing. I have it priced similar to what the #4664 version fetches which is fine for me. Makes me wonder though...would a collector pay more? Am I leaving money on the table by not trying an auction? What do you all think?

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