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The Week in Reselling


So I thought I would start a feature that summarized my week in reselling. I can't promise a weekly feature (sorry, I'm not wired that way) but I will try to do it fairly regularly.

Just thought I would share what I'm working on listing, as well as what notable things have been selling.

So remember this set of flatware from my last Thrift Spoils post? I was trying to find the maker or seller of this rustic iron forged flatware. I was thinking along the Pottery Barn, Pier 1 line.

Well I never found out, but went ahead and listed them. I listed them at 99.99 with a Best Offer.

Turns out I must have underpriced them, because they sold within an hour at FULL asking price. So although I could have gotten more, I was happy with that number.

Especially since sales this week were slow. Slow, sporadic, but fortunately they were higher ticket items, so the week wasn't a complete bust.

I also sold another set of flatware that I had listed for a month or 2. It's by 1847 Rogers Bros and the pattern is called Reflection. I accepted an offer for $100 for the 48 pc set.

The nice thing was that the buyer didn't want the chest, so that simplified shipping and made it less expensive for him. Shipped and received and the buyer's wife is happy with it.

This is another higher ticket item that sold this week. Same day, actually. I also accepted a $100 offer for it.

Metlox Poppytrail rooster cookie jar. Too cute!

Let's see, on Etsy, my most notable sale was this Dorothy Thorpe small pitcher. Not a huge sale, but just fun to find a mid century piece and pass it on.

I've listed a few things here and there as well. Not up to my usual speed, but hey, my newborn is only about 3 weeks old! I think I've only been able to do what I have because he's a very calm baby....so far!

I listed some 'stock' items today. Neckties and bathing suits. Ho hum. Oh well, they were in my backlog of things to be listed and needed to be done. Bread and butter, baby. Hopefully my lights get turned on again soon and I can move some more things.
But look at my lame pictures!

I'll blame the postpartum hormones and say I totally forgot I could have used my mannequin! Oh well. We'll see what happens.
I started working on a lot of Doll Collecting and Doll Making books...but I've just been saving them, not posting them, since I want them all to go live at once. I'll show those in a future post.

Thanks for checking out my week!

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