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The Week in Reselling - 6/15/12

Well, not a whole lot to report. We had company the past week (grandparents come to meet the baby!) and so I didn't get much listing done. I did do some shopping, so I'll probably save what I found for another post.

Right before the folks came, I worked on listing a big lot of doll collecting and doll making books that I had found. The picture above is shows some of them. This lot is mostly by the same author, Mildred Seeley, so I put them together in one listing.
The rest of the books were listed individually.
When I first found these books, they were priced so reasonably and I figured the subject matter was desirable, so I snatched them up. I got home and as I flipped through them I suddenly realized that they had a subtle cigarette odor! Especially when you fan the pages. Problem was, I had quickly listed one on Amazon and it had already sold. I hadn't mentioned the odor and so I cancelled the sale.
I tried airing them out for a few weeks, then finally just listed them on Ebay with a large disclaimer in RED. I hope it works.
I've sold a few books so far and no complaints yet!
I sold this one first.

And this one I've sold twice (i had duplicates of a few books).

Other than that, the month has been pretty slow. I've had a few sales of the non-spectacular variety. I guess it's true, the less you list, the less you sell!
Plus, it's summer.
I'm trying to remind myself of these things...summer can be kind of disheartening to the online seller. But fall and winter are not far away and it's a good time to try to stock up as much as possible!
How has your June been??

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