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Spoils of Thrift- The Shopping Continues

 Funky brass donkey and awesome boy with horse mid century stoneware figurine.

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for the feedback I received from the last post. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. The Reselling biz is unique and we all share similar challenges. I feel better this week and am slowly formulating some ideas about the direction I'd like to take things.

In the meantime, the shopping continues!

 Weight Watchers (black) and vintage Tupperware (orange) measuring spoons. What can I say? They were cheap, won't take up much room, and will sell for about $25 total. I hope, anyway. I'll let you know.

 A couple Starbucks mugs. Solid Bread n Budda type items.

 These were so pretty, I had to grab them up. 6 bread plates by Johnson Brothers in the "Rose Chintz" pattern.
 I'm excited about this one. This is a plastic tray by Couroc of California. I have a couple of these trays in The Retro Shop, but it's the large ones that sell the best. Hubby spotted this one at our local Goodwill. It's big! My other small ones I've collected I think will be sold in a lot eventually.

 Another super exciting find. A PENDLETON blanket. In a bag. With a stadium cushion. It's called a Pendleton Robe in a Bag. It will sell decently. Not a get-out-of-debt-finally find, but it was still on my Thrifting Bucket List.

 Another exciting find. Digsmed Denmark revolving lazy susan. (is that redundant?) In the wrong section of a famously expensive thrift, for a great price! Intact and in wonderful condition!

 Denby mugs. I have to work on ID'g the patterns (except the one on the far right. That pattern is called Harlequin, I believe)

And what successful thrifting trip wouldn't be complete without a Richard Simmons Deal-A-Meal set? Gotta love the fact that these are still in demand.

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