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The Spoils of Thrift


"The Spoils of Thrift" What do you think? For a Thrifting Finds title? Too obscure? The spoils of war...thrifting can be a battle sometimes. Trying to fit in with the Thrifting Adventures idea.

Anyway. Thought I'd share a few items I've found in my few thrifting forays lately. I'm at about 35 weeks in my pregnancy so things are slowing down............

The above picture is of a cute little Jack and Jill with bucket (I assume). The sticker on the bucket is from Nils Olsson of the famous Swedish Dala horse fame. Anyone ever see anything Nils Olsson that wasn't a horse or rooster? Not sure how rare this is.

Yesterday I found this cutting board with knife. Rock on, Dansk IHQ!!

And it was the half price sticker. Now to remove the packing tape residue. Curses to you, thrift store employees...there had to have been a better way to keep the knife and board together!!

Next up, a brass swan planter. Just cuz. Plus, it was half price too.

And kudos to Bit of Butter who awhile back helped a fellow thrifter identify the mark of a Seattle pottery company called 'Fabrik'. I had seen pieces with the mark before..and had never known who made them. Darn it, I forgot a picture of the mark. Okay, well you can go here (Bit of Butter's shop), and see the last picture in this listing.
Anywho, I found these pieces yesterday:

They are from the Fabrik pattern, "American Quilt". Sugar and creamer and 2 ramekins. Pretty rare, I think.

Next up are these four Irish Coffee cups by Hall. Love the glossy black!

And another Orrefors Sweden votive.

And a Berggren creamer in an unusual pattern.

Found this flatware set early in the week. Fiesta. Currently listed on Ebay.

And last but not least, I picked up this Monopoly game. It has pewter pieces, which can be resold if the game is not complete.

After opening it to verify the presence of at least the tokens, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the contents inside were still sealed!! The box has issues, but the game has never been played.

That's about it lately. How have things been for you? Has yard sale season picked up where you live?

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