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The Spoils of Thrift ~ Baby Steps


Thank you everyone for your comments of congratulation and well wishes.

I was able to slip in a thrift run yesterday when I ran out to the store for a few things. It was fairly productive considering.

Besides the Remington Tight Curls hot rollers (destined for ebay..an easy sell) and the Danskos (destined for me..:) ), I found a few interesting things.

The picture above is of some vintage alphabet blocks that are distressed and lovely. Headed to Etsy. Got home  and looked closer, they're from Disney! How cute!!

I also got some flatware. (Of course).

The above retro pattern is by Stanley Roberts. It's called Mandalay. Cool name for a cool pattern.

Then I couldn't resist this flatware though I knew nothing about it. It was in a bag and it turns out to be 20 pieces, a complete service for 4.
It's only marked "Thailand" which made me think twice, but the handles are so unique I knew I could do something with it.

I've done a bit of research and found a similar set also made in Thailand for Pottery Barn. Ah-ha! That makes sense. Pottery Barn, Pier One..it's one of those. Although I can't find an exact match. I'll keep looking, because I'd love to be able to attach a brand name to these.

Also found these cool metal library book ends. LOVE the colors! There are 4 of each and they have a cork lined bottom so you don't scratch your shelving.

And lastly, another plastic tray by Couroc. Not big money but the graphic on here was too irresistible!

What fun things did you find this weekend??

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