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Another Little Man


Well, it was a tad bit early, but Little Man 2 (LM2) made his appearance about 10 days ago. (I was due June 7th).
We are well, baby is healthy, Mama is...recovering. Not doing too bad, just trying not to overdo it and be too anxious to get back to things.

So we've just been settling in. LM2 sleeps quite a bit...gotta love those early days, so I've been listing here and there.

Sales were/are way down..I've never been more grateful for a 'lights out' period on Ebay. I didn't have to close my store or put it on vacation mode. The few sales trickling in are doable to keep up with. Of course, the money coming in would be nice too, especially since Hubby has been helping out at home and working a bit less.

Oh well, it'll all work out, it always does.

Just wanted to give an update and let you know why we've been so quiet lately...even more than normal!
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