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Thrift Finds ~A Good Week~

Cute little wooden woman from the Phillipines. Couldn't resist her

Well, the thriftin' this week had its ups and downs. But I found a few good things overall that I'm excited about finding, even if they're not worth a whole lot. At least they're worth a lot more than I paid...and that's the whole goal.

I'm going to let pictures do the talking, since I can hardly keep my eyes open. Twenty-eight weeks pregnant, allergies and overdoing it is wreaking havoc on my productivity.

Started at my favorite little thrift where Hubby and I stumbled onto a nice stash of vintage cameras and accessories.

And a couple His n Hers vintage electronic alarm clocks.

My little thrift also yielded these Far Side mugs.

Hubby found one, then I scanned and found the other. That's why two sets of eyes are an advantage at a thrift!

Here are a few more highlights from the week:
Never thought I'd find a piece of Dorothy Thorpe glassware. This is a small Martini pitcher.

Love it when I find a piece of Heath ceramics.

Brown and white were the theme that day:

Midwinter Wild Oats veggie bowl, a Denby sugar bowl and then was excited to find the Midwinter saucer that goes with the cup I picked up the week before!
And lastly, some Bakelite handled dinner forks.

Had a few other highlights this week:

American Girl dolls. Good for turning a profit. :)

And some Sterling Silver candle holders. Had to pay a bit more for these, but I can still flip them. Plus I just love silver!!

Linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's ~Thrift Share Monday~. That's the plan anyway. See the button on the side of my blog!

Can't wait to read about your finds too!

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