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Fun Sales


You're probably aware that I'm not much of a fan of auction sales on Ebay. I like to set my price, or set a high price and take offers. Just works for me.
But Ebay has a special deal right now for store owners, so I thought I'd mix things up a bit just for fun.

I tried auctioning this set of vintage 1940s/1950s neckties with a starting price of $29.99. No takers.

No problem.

I doubled the price, put them in my store, and I'll wait for offers. I've already had more views than I had during the auction week.

That week I also auctioned this vintage tie by itself:

Isn't it great? I used keywords like "rockabilly" and "swing"

It sold for about $35. For ONE tie. Sweet.

This tie was auctioned as well. I also got about $35 for this one.

These were fun. I love the patterns. I knew there was enough interest in this style tie that the auction method would work. I started the auctions at prices I was willing to live with if I only got one bid. They both got multiple bids however.

While the special is going on, I may auction a few more sure things. Just for fun, just to move things through and hopefully cash flow.

Sales otherwise have been slow and steady. Had a few 'black hole' days that most Ebay sellers are familiar with. I usually let them roll off my back...and just keep listing.

Hubby has been listing some odds n ends for me. Things that have been around a long time..or things that he will do a better job on. Tech-y things like cameras and lenses. Those have been selling nicely.

That's given me time to focus on my Etsy store. I'm trying to get my backlog of fab vintage items out there for the world to see!!

How has the reselling world been for you?? Do you prefer auctions or fixed price?

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