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Serendipitous Thrifting

1974 Fisher Price Little People Castle

So here's the story.

Last week, I was at the 'antique' store where I have my booth, and I saw a castle (similar to just like the one above) on the counter. As I checked it out, I couldn't help but gasp. It was like a part of my childhood came rushing back. I had this exact same castle when I was a kid!! And I had no memory of it until I saw it again.

The woman was selling it on consignment and she had all the Little People and accessories. Royalty, thrones, knights, horses, the DRAGON! We totally had all those pieces.

My son would LOVE this. So I asked and found out she was asking $100 for the whole thing. It didn't surprise me...if I were selling it, I'd pop it online and try to get double. The dragon alone can sell for $25.

But, $100 for a toy for my son? With pieces he may lose? Parts on the castle he could break? Go ahead, call me cheap. I prefer the word 'thrifty'.

Fast forward a week.

Enter a Goodwill you haven't been to in awhile. Accompany your son to the bathroom, then to the toy section. Almost fall over when you turn around and see YOUR 1974 Fisher Price Little People Castle sitting on the shelf!

The price?

Get this. ...$2.99.

A sales clerk said she had just put it out. Talk about serendipity.

There were no dragons or Little People to go with it.

But if you're 4, Lego guys and Jean-Luc Picard will do nicely.

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