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Quick Finds Post...Live to You From Vacation....


Ok, well you KNOW I'm thrifting while on vacation. No clam diggin' for me so far, Little Man got sick and we hold down the fort while the others brave the wind, rain and waves. As the resident gi-nor-mo Preggo, I'm the logical person to stay back. :)

So I'll blast through what I found so far since I don't trust this hotel's internet.
The above picture was from the stop at Goodwill on the way out to the ocean. Our tire had a slow leak, so I got to thrift, while Hubby went to Les Schwab.
Six small Starbucks mugs...small..about 7 oz each. Super cute!! I also found an Exclusively Misook twinset. Sorry, no pic.

Also at that Goodwill I found more Norwegian pewter (an ewer this time) and another Danish silverplate dish. This is the same pattern as the tray I already have in my Etsy shop, so I already know the maker, etc. It's Carl Christiansen. This appears to be a souvenir or gift. It's inscribed "Eloise Greetings from Norway".

Next finds were from an indoor yard sale held to support a pet rescue place. Kind of an ongoing thing held in a barn every weekend...lots of damp, rusty things..but we found a juicer for $5, one of those things that you park your bicycle in inside (so you can train while watching TV, lol) for $2.50 and this plasticware.

Some Oblique plastic plates and Thermo-serv insulated mugs.

Today we followed a posted garage sale sign to a teeny tiny town north of us. It was advertised at the liquor store in town. Since the teeny town was so small we figured we'd have no problem finding it. It was true. It was the only garage sale in town. I should have taken a picture. It was at a place of business...a chain saw artist's shop. If you know the Northwest, you know these places...picture large totems of chain saw carved bears.
Anyway, inside the shop was a mini antique shop/thrift shop. The prices were a higher than a garage sale but I found some surprisingly good stuff.
First this Pyrex:

Then this glass ice bucket by Hoya, Japan

This super fab spice cabinet:

And this assortment. Chrome Japan S&P, Swedish Modern dish by Anchorglass, and a no name milk glass soup bowl. Love the pattern!

I think that was it. Or at least the highlights. I still have to hit my favorite little thrift here, which hasn't been open yet. And there's always Goodwill on the way back on Tuesday!!

What did you find this weekend?

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