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What's Your Bread N Butter??

Recently, over at Ebay Underground, Chelsea from the blog Kiss My Brass, posted a question. "What's your bread and butter on Ebay?"

In other words, what items can you consistently find at thrift stores or yard sales and flip for a profit? Not necessarily WHOO-HOO!!!!s...but solid, well performing items. You can find them readily, at a good price and they sell fairly quickly. It's all about Cash Flow baby.

I thought about it and I would have to say, for me, my bread and butter is...Coffee Mugs.

Of course, I love Starbucks mugs. They're a given. City or location mugs especially.  I've gotten upwards of $100 for some City Mugs.
Here's a couple I recently found:

But looking back over last year, there were a few other categories of mugs that sold consistently and that I pick up whenever I find them.

Chaleur Mugs

I happened on a bunch of these at a thrift store back in the spring and I think I've sold them all. They all sold between $10-$30 apiece. They feature famous artists' paintings. The bottom looks like this:

I try to include the painting name in the title and/or listing as these appeal to art lovers. Chaleur has a website, with limited pieces for sale. So if you come across a painting that isn't being sold currently on their website, that's when you'll do your best.

I just found this one by Winslow Homer. Love it! I had the only one like it when I listed it and according to Terapeak there were only a few that had been listed in the last year. Popular artist + rare mug = great sale! I just have to wait.

And the best part...Chaleur has partnered with Starbucks in the past!! I found this one and it sold for the most. Look for Chaleur/Starbucks canisters as well.

The Far Side

Again, not new information..although it may be for some of you newer ones. I pick up any Far Side mug I see. In good condition of course. They may take awhile, but they will sell. The Far Side has a HUGE following.

Again, they usually sell for between $15-30 apiece. I did sell one for about $50 but it was oversized and I hadn't seen anything like it before or since. I'll try to track the photo down and add it in later.

So, there are other categories of mugs that will sell, we can explore those another day.

What's your Bread and Butter??

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