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O What a Month!

This is how our road looked about a week and a half ago.

To some of you readers from colder, snowier climes, this doesn't look like much. But here in the rainy, temperate Pacific Northwest, we're not used to this!

Or to this:
Ice encased trees!

Our power and cable lines are not used to it either. We were without power for 3 days and without INTERNET FOR 7 DAYS!!!

That pretty much spells death of sales for an online reseller. And my January backs that up. It was s....l....o....w. I guess on the bright side, it meant fewer packages to deal with the old skool way. I had to look up the addresses on my phone, handwrite the labels..and get this....stand in line at the post office! The internet spoils me so much.

So now I'm trying to play catch up. Here's hoping February is better!!

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