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What's New at the Retro Shop~~A Pyrex Pantry


So I opened a new section in my Etsy shop, called the Pyrex Pantry. I plan on selling my extra Pyrex via The Recycleista's Retro Shop, as opposed to Ebay. Of course I'm always up for a trade!

So far, I've only got this great set of Red and Gold Pyrex Dinnerware on there.
On a replacements website, it's called Maroon-Gold. Other people have it listed as Flamingo-Gold, specifying that it's red and not pink. So i threw both of the keywords in there.

Got some more Pyrex to get into the shop..some Barbed Wire, possibly some pink pieces and I'm going to let go of the Primary Colors set that I put together. Since I'm focusing on turquoise and red for my future kitchen, I'm okay with letting go. With a baby on the way, space and money has gotten a bit more important!!

How has the Pyrex hunt been for y'all lately?

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